Mill Cottage visits Rainbow Nursery!

Rainbow Nursery children had a wonderful time when the farm came to visit because they were able to handle the animals at their own pace and in their own time. They particularly enjoyed playing with Alfie the friendly dog and took him for a run up and down the grassy area. The children handled, stroke and brushed pigs, goats, sheep, guinea pigs and rabbits. They felt the warm coats of the alpacas and delighted in the fact that they could not see the chickens’ eyes through all their feathers! The turkeys and ducks made interesting noises and many children had lots of fun milking the pretend cows. They had a very busy and active day. Thank you farmer Tom and farmer Hollie!

This is what a couple of the children had to say:-

My favourite bit was brushing the lamb. I like all the animals. (Mabel)

I saw some hay when we were going to Nursery. The animals were in the middle of the grass. There was lots of animals like sheep and goats. Alfie the dog was stuck in the mud. (Ellsie-Beth)