Maths Day

On Tuesday this week, we all enjoyed a range of activities on our annual Maths Day.

This year our theme was ‘Starting Points’. We celebrated the fact that, from a simple beginning, we can explore a mathematical idea and take it further in order to deepen our understanding (and appreciate how exciting maths can be!)

In Year 4, pupils enjoyed doing the Maya number system and the Aztec Golden Nugget Challenge.

Foxes Class had a surprise visit from the Gingerbread Man. Our ‘starting point’ was that there was a trail of sweets that led us to find him. After this, we collected all of the sweets and thought of so many different things we could do with them. We estimated how many we thought there were, counted them all to check our estimations (there were 197), sorted them into coloured piles and then we put them in a long line to see how long they all were. Everyone was really proud of themselves, especially for counting to 197!