Latchmere’s Mathematicians Triumph

Emil (gold), Oscar (gold), Thomas (silver), Harriet (bronze), Lara (bronze), Gemma (bronze) and Quynh (bronze) are the proud recipients of medals in this year’s Primary Mathematics Challenge.

Primary Mathematics Challenge is an exciting mathematical initiative aimed at pupils in Years 5 and 6. 58 Latchmere children took the Primary Mathematics Challenge in November 2016. Emil, Oscar, Thomas, Harriet, Lara, Gemma and Quynh scored 19 and over out of 25 and were invited back for a Bonus Round in February 2017. Congratulations to all of them for a spectacular medal haul!

This is the second year Latchmere pupils have participated in Primary Mathematics Challenge. Two gold, one silver and four bronze medals won this year are a fitting tribute to our immensely talented mathe- maticians, who now rank amongst the best in the country. We look forward to winning many more medals next year!

63,000 pupils entered Primary Maths Challenge in November 2016. 1932 pupils, those who scored 19 or more, were subsequently invited to take part in the Bonus Round in February 2017.

In the Bonus Round, 93 pupils received Gold medals, 302 pupils received Silver whilst 483 received Bronze.

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Why not try this? It was the last question in the previous year’s Bonus Round paper.

Oscar has a list of 41 consecutive numbers. The sum of all of the even numbers in his list is 2016. What is the sum of all of the numbers in his list?

A) 3886 B) 3896 C) 3916 D) 3926 E) 3936

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(The answer is E)