Kingston Schools Running Relay

On Wednesday 14th June, we took part in the Kingston Schools Running Relays at Ditton Field near Hampton Court. Teams of four from Years 3, 4 and 5 had to run around an 800m course against other Kingston schools. We loved the day because Latchmere won loads of medals and everyone was cheering everyone else and were really happy. We would definitely love to race again next year!

Riley: In the beginning I was really scared and worried because I hadn’t run in a competition before. Once I started to run, everyone cheered and it made me feel better! I was determined to do my best.

Ryder: I really enjoyed the race because everyone was cheering me on and encouraging me to go faster. I felt proud to be running for my school.

Romeo: I had to run my fastest to catch up with lots of runners. It was great when I passed them and I felt relieved when I came around the final bend and Latchmere was cheering! 

Well done to the teams:-

Year 3: Lexie, Romeo, Riley, Ryder, Robbie, Katrina, Chloe and Will

Year 4: Rosie, Bertie, Cerys, Oliver, Sophie, Marcus, Lottie, Malachy, Florence, Rayyaan, Mia and Archie

Year 5: Chloe, Oscar, Daphne, Ollie, Maia, Finnian, Poppy and Taheem

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