Hedgehog Class

Hedgehogs Class have been learning all about people who help us in school. We invited some of our site staff into Hedgehogs so we could ask them questions about their jobs.

Thomasina said, ‘Kelvin told us about his shoes, they are special shoes. He wears them so he doesn’t slip.’

Kaiya said, ‘He told us all about things he fixes.’

Kamil told us that he had to have special training to make sure that he is able to carry out his work safely. Grace said ‘He looks after our school.’

Anika said, ‘Kamil told us that he has four sugars in his tea.’

We recently had our picnic table painted by Keith, a new member of the site staff. We love our new blackboard painted table and the children have enjoyed writing on it with chalk. We also had a lovely visit from Mrs Ritchie. We were able to interview her to find out all about her very important job. She told us that she wakes up very early, excited about her day and her favourite part of the day is seeing the children, and saying hello to them at the gate in the morning. She likes seeing babies in buggies grow up to be bigger children. She also loves it when children pop into her office to show her their fantastic writing. She has been Head Teacher at Latchmere for 10 years! That is older than we are! Wow!