Year 5 Teddington Lock Trip

A few weeks ago, Year 5 walked to Teddington Lock to explore wildlife, water and how locks work. Everyone had fun doing tests with water, learning about boats and seeing the wildlife that grows around the river Thames. Year 5 were very excited to start the main part of the trip. On the trip, half the class went to explore the plants, animals and the lock, while the other half investigated water quality and temperature on the boat Outside we learned about the lock, and the Lockkeeper showed us what levers to pull and which buttons to push to open and close the lock. We also did a treasure hunt to find the names and purposes of different things at the lock-side. When we were on the boat, we looked at the River Thames’ water, and permeable and impermeable materials. It was a very exciting trip and we learned a lot too. by

Charlotte & Katie (5B)