Fundraising plea – Fill my suitcase…

My name is Nell and I am in 6C.

My grandpa lives in Kenya and has built a primary school in a very poor area in the north of the country where many children don’t have the education we do. This Christmas I am taking the long flight to go and visit him, and although I won’t have time to visit the school myself I would love to take some supplies with me to help these children learn.

Grandpa told me that basic things like paper and pens would be amazing so I would like to collect new exercise books, notebooks, pens and pencils to take with me and hope that other children would like to help me on my mission.

Mrs Ritchie said I could bring a suitcase in to fill so I will leave this in the office from Monday and hope you could all bring something in to help very poor children at Christmas. I will ask grandpa to take some photos of the children when this arrives so you can see their happy faces! Read more about the school here :