Brilliant Fundraising

Inspired by Children in Need, Charlotte in 3M challenged herself to swim 32 lengths to raise money for her friend Jack, age 6, who has cerebral palsy, epilepsy and is blind.

Once she got to 32 lengths, Charlotte kept going and swam 40 lengths non stop, which is a whole kilometre! Charlotte’s swim has raised over £1,150, which will allow Jack’s family to buy a potentially life saving epilepsy monitor, special splinted shorts to help with sleep, and to contribute towards respite care to give Jack’s parents some rare time together too.

Charlotte said “Before I swam I felt nervous and excited. It was hard but I kept going, and at the end I was exhausted but very proud!”

On Children in Need Day, Amy from 6V did a 10 hour sponsored silence at school on Friday for children in need. She didn’t say a word and raised £42!